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April 2008
Current Comic: He THOUGHT he was slick!
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Ugh. feeling a bit under the weather today. Especially since I slept on my neck wrong. Stiff neck all day yesterday and all day today. I'm hoping a warm bath and a nap will take some more edge off it. GD95 and 96 were refreshing for me to write. To spoil things a little, Gina and Britanny write themselves when they are together. It's been so long since I had them together I forgot what they can do to my pen. Feels pretty good, really. Finally I'm going like I need to for the pace of my animation work. I'm still two months behind my schedule. I was hoping to be done by the end of march. Hopefully, no more hiccups will trip up the pace I found. Now for that warm bath.

Cal, Raphiel and Sil have a little treasure hunting adventure in this current story!

I couldn't wait til monday to post this one!

Back into the swing of things today...

Urgh... convention and comic due this week. My schedule's kinda /f/ed!

On time? Yes! Sorry for missing wedsneday F.

Early! Early!

Heheh... Muchos earlios!

Well, I'm pretty satisfied with my progress today. I finished a *ton* of work and still managed to deliver a strip. But man am I starving! I haven't even had a chance to eat lunch yet!!!

Well, it seems I'm going to be late no matter what time I set for myself so... Lets just say I do them as soon as I can... (Not quite they way to do things buuut...)
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